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How often should I have my vehicle washed?
Location: The climate and type of location plays a factor in the frequency a vehicle gets a good cleaning. Areas that your car may be frequently exposed to sun can harm the life of your paint. When the paint heats up from stronger UV rays, it expands and dirt and moisture gets in a lot easier. Salt air plays another major factor as this can weaken the mirror like the shine of a car’s paint.
When should I wash off insect residue?
The longer you wait to get bug residue off of a vehicle the harder it tends to be to get rid of these blemishes without affecting the paint of the car.
Is a touchless car wash the safest?
Touchless car washes use high powered streams of water and chemicals to clean the exterior of the vehicle. Similar to a traditional car wash, the owner puts the car onto a belt and shifts into neutral. Then, the conveyor belt takes the car down the tunnel to get cleaned. These systems are said to be sometimes safer for a car’s paint as nothing but water touches the car. However, owners should be careful as sometimes if contaminants that are being blasted off the car have the possibility of damaging paint.